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Consensus Holdings, a leading full-service manufacturing and distribution company in the cannabis industry, is thrilled to announce the addition of Brandon Jewell as the new Director of Cultivation. This appointment marks a significant step in the company’s continued growth and commitment to excellence in the cannabis sector.

Brandon Jewell brings over 25 years of passion and expertise in cannabis cultivation to his new role at Consensus Holdings. His journey began with a transformative experience in Amsterdam, where he purchased his first pack of Northern Lights #5 seeds from the Sensi Seed company. Since then, Brandon has dedicated himself to mastering the art and science of cannabis cultivation.

In the Arizona cannabis industry, Brandon has made a significant impact over the past eight years. He has served as the Cultivation Director for notable organizations including Phoenix Cannabis Co., G3 (Green Gene Genetics), and Arizona Natural Selections. His extensive experience and innovative approach have been instrumental in refining cultivation practices and enhancing product quality.

Prior to his involvement in the commercial cannabis space, Brandon was the Director of Research and Product Development for Botanicare, a pioneering hydroponic supply company based in Chandler, Arizona. His work there laid a foundation for his deep understanding of plant nutrition and growth optimization, which he now brings to Consensus Holdings.

At Consensus Holdings, Brandon will oversee the company’s state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facilities, with a one of a kind cannabis tissue culture lab. His leadership will ensure that the Tropics and Feel Sublime brands, as well as partnerships with national brands like Old Pal and Wonderbrett, continue to deliver top-tier products to the market.

“We are beyond thrilled to welcome Brandon Jewell to our team,” said Leah Sigety, Chief Operations Officer. “His extensive background and passion for cannabis cultivation align perfectly with our mission to provide the best possible products to our customers. Brandon’s expertise will undoubtedly elevate our operations and help us achieve new heights in the industry.”

For more information about Consensus Holdings and its operations in Arizona, please visit Consensus Holdings Consensus Holdings is a pioneering full-service manufacturing and distribution company in the cannabis industry. The multi-state cannabis operator runs a best-in-class indoor cultivation, commercial kitchen, extraction laboratory, and statewide distribution in Arizona. The company also owns and operates the Tropics and Feel Sublime brands in multiple states and collaborates with national cannabis brands for production, sales, and distribution.